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ROYALE BUILDINGS is a fully integrated firm that involve civil engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, graphic designers and specialists in construction. Our width of experience include corporate commercial, Banks, Retail showrooms, Education and Research, Boutiques, Restaurants, luxurious individual country homes, residential and hospitality. Our objective is to attain balance between aesthetic and function, creativity and sustainability, investment and authenticity. Our professional purpose is to serve clients by listening to their concerns and transforming their dreams into reality. The result that we produce is measurable, sustainable and maximizes performance. Money is complicated in this new era and hence aligning creativity and environmental conditions, material sourcing and effective usage, budget odds and delivery results are our response to clients evolving vision. We influence the way clients are perceived in business and social life.

  • Architecture + Construction
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Design to Built Bungalows Villas & Luxury Interiors
  • Country Homes, Club Houses & Hospitality
  • Brick & mortar retail space planning
  • Landscape + Decor